City of Miami Beach

                                                              SPECIAL MASTER - HEARING DATES AND AGENDAS

You can view an agenda at anytime; however, agendas are subject to change. The Agenda is considered final the day of the Hearing.  
All meetings are held in the Commission Chambers unless otherwise specified  
FS: fax: 786-394-4129
CN: fax: 305-673-7182  
Phone: (305) 673-7181  
ReportHearing DateContactDescription
View6/5/2014FSCode and Fire Cases
View6/12/2014CNAppeals and Building Cases
View6/19/2014FSCode and Fire Cases
View6/26/2014CNAppeals and Building Cases
View7/3/2014FSCode and Fire Cases
View7/10/2014CNAppeals and Building Cases
View7/17/2014FSCode and Fire Cases
View7/24/2014CNAppeals and Building Cases
View7/31/2014FSCode and Fire Cases
View8/7/2014CNAppeals and Building Cases
View8/14/2014FSCode and Fire Cases
View8/21/2014CNAppeals and Building Cases
View8/28/2014FSCode and Fire Cases
View9/4/2014CNAppeals and Building Cases
View9/11/2014FSCode and Fire Cases
View9/18/2014CNAppeals and Building Cases
View10/2/2014FSCode and Fire Cases
View10/9/2014CNAppeals and Building Cases
View10/16/2014FSCode and Fire Cases
View10/23/2014CNAppeals and Building Cases
View10/30/2014FSCode and Fire Cases
View11/6/2014CNAppeals and Building Cases
View11/13/2014FSCode and Fire Cases
View11/20/2014CNAppeals and Building Cases
View12/4/2014FSCode and Fire Cases
View12/11/2014CNAppeals and Building Cases
View12/18/2014FSCode and Fire Cases
View12/19/2014FSCode and Fire Cases
View1/8/2015CNAppeals and Building Cases
View1/15/2015FSCode and Fire Cases
View1/22/2015CNAppeals and Building Cases
View1/29/2015FSCode and Fire Cases
View2/19/2015FSCode and Fire Cases
View2/26/2015CNAppeals and Building Cases
View3/5/2015FSCode and Fire Cases
View3/12/2015CNAppeals and Building Cases
View3/19/2015FSCode and Fire Cases
View3/26/2015CNAppeals and Building Cases
View4/2/2015FSCode and Fire Cases
View4/9/2015CNAppeals and Building Cases
View4/16/2015FSCode and Fire Cases
View4/23/2015CNAppeals and Building Cases
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