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Temporary Sampling Permit application
A Miami Beach Temporary Sampling Permit allows for the non-permanent and mobile distribution of single serving goods or services to the public with no direct or indirect commercial exchange provided on public property within the commercial or mixed-use districts of the City of Miami Beach. This permit is valid for one singular team of five (5) people or less in total within the same vicinity (no more than a block apart) and only for the product listed on the permit. No tables, tents, chairs, structures, generators, banners or other permit requiring elements are allowed as part of this permit. All vehicles utilized must be in compliance with City parking regulations and traffic laws. No reserved meters or authorized parking will be permitted in conjunction with this permit. Any areas within existing permitted or contracted use areas, including outdoor cafes, beachfront concessions and existing film and event permits, may require Signature Survey approval from affected property. Original permit must be on site during all permitted activity.

REQUIREMENTS: Applicants wishing to procure a Miami Beach Temporary Sampling Permit shall provide the following information to the Department of Tourism and Cultural Development no less than 10 working days before such use:

  • Application for Miami Beach Temporary Sampling Permit.

  • Samples and/or descriptive literature/ photo of products or services to be distributed.

  • General Liability Insurance of no less than one (1) Million U.S. dollars or equivalent value naming the City of Miami Beach as additional insured and certificate holder including the City’s address as per section A VII INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS. The certificate must not be older than 90 days.

  • Completed, executed and notarized Indemnification, holding the City of Miami Beach harmless for all approved activities as well as from affects of products or services sampled.

  • A permit fee of $2,000.00 fee per singular team, per day, payable to the City of Miami Beach and due before commencement of activity. This fee is refundable if permit is cancelled or denied.

  • A security deposit of $2,500.00 is due upon submission of application. Security deposits will be refunded approximately 4-6 weeks post activity, if all restrictions are followed, public property is left in as good or better condition as when activity commenced and all City invoices are paid. Failure to comply with restrictions imposed automatically results in forfeiture of up to full value of security deposit.

  • Send all requirements above to:
    City of Miami Beach, Tourism and Cultural Development - 1755 Meridian Avenue Miami Beach, FL 33139 Ph: 305-673-7577 Email

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