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Service Shopper Program
GOAL: To be a key component of a broad, citywide initiative to improving customer service in the City of Miami Beach.

  • To help assess how well the City is serving its customers by evaluating service delivery at interface points.

  • Use program results as a tool for improving customer service to a level that meets the the public's needs and expectations.

  • Heighten customer service awareness and provide training to employees serving as shoppers.

    Program Definition
  • City employees on loan from various departments (volunteers), Neighborhood Leadership Academy Alumni Association (NLAAA)     members, residents, or others pose as service shoppers of City services.
  • Three types of service shopping evaluation methods are used to measure and determine service delivery to the public at the point     of service.
  • Evaluation methods include telephone/recorded message, exit interviews, and in-person shoppings.
  • Provide department feedback to assist in identifying weaknesses, developing corrective action, and recognizing City employees     who provide exceptional customer service.

  • Shopping assignments, confidentiality, and conflict of interest:
  • Assignments are given with general instructions, with shoppers having the flexibility to script their own assignment. Service     Shopper coordinator will provide general assignment information.

  • Confidentiality is to be maintained at all times. Participants will adhere to strict confidentiality policies.
  • Conflicts of interest must be reported immediately to ensure the objectivity of all participants and the impartiality of all shoppers.

  • Working hours:
  • Telephone online assignments are scheduled in four four-hour increments.

  • Participants will pre-arrange with their supervisor and Service Shopper coordinator specific dates of participation. While at the     phone bank, no personal calls or outside communication is permitted.

  • Volunteers will complete a minimum of six telephone shopping assignments per hour, two exit interviews per hour, and
        two in-person interviews per hour.

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