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Special Events Permits or Wedding Ceremonies are not allowed in South Pointe Park.
For more information please call 305-673-7577.

 The City of Miami Beach welcomes an array of special events that enrich the community for both visitors and residents. From spectacular beaches to charming streets and walkways, each site offers unique attributes to complement a proposed event; from corporate parties to concerts, neighborhood markets to weddings. Please note that a Special Event Permit will not be issued for any stand-alone vendor, structure, or promotional activity not directly tied to a Special Event. By following the Special Event application requirements and guidelines you will join an accomplished group of professionals who have utilized the sultry and sophisticated setting of Miami Beach as the site of their world class events. 

Something you should know…

The Special Events office provides assistance in the coordination of events on public property and other properties requiring special zoning exemptions (i.e. pool deck and roof top events) by assisting producers with guidelines and permit requirements and serving as liaison with local and regional city services and neighborhood associations. This Special Events Planning Guide will provide you with vital information on how to proceed in obtaining a Special Event Permit in the City of Miami Beach, please make sure you read it thoroughly. When filling out the application, please do not leave any sections blank. Instead, check off the non-applicable or n.a. box under each section. Also note any special instructions when reviewing each section.

Please be aware, by submitting an application you will be providing full disclosure of your event plans and this information will become public record. Additionally your signature on the Special Events application form implies compliance with the Special Events Guidelines. The Special Event Requirements and Guidelines are available on line at

Last but not least, please be advised that the Special Events Office requires SIXTY (60) DAYS NOTICE prior to the event start date in order to process an application. Applications are processed on a first come, first serve basis. Exceptions to the following deadlines will be made at the City’s discretion. A Special Events permit is a review and approval process, and submission does not constitute approval. Once all items are submitted, registered, reviewed, and terms of coordination have been met your Special Event Permit will be drafted and sent to the City Manager for final approval. Any and all expenses incurred by applicant/producers/promoters prior to the issuance of a Special Event Permit shall be at the sole risk and responsibility of the applicant/producer/promoter, and the City of Miami Beach shall in no way be responsible and liable for same.

We look forward to assisting you in producing a successful event in the City Miami Beach.

If you have any questions regarding the application permitting process, please call the Special Events Office at 305-673-7577. 



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