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                                    Automatic Utility Bill Payment -FAQs      
1-What is Automatic Monthly Payment?
    A free service provided to you by the City of Miami Beach that automatically pays your Utility bill by withdrawing from you checking or saving account prior to the payment date.
2- Why Sign up?
      There are no dates to remember, checks to write or stamps to buy.
3- If I pay my bill automatically, how will I know how much it is?
     The City will send you your normal utility statement. This statement will inform you of the amount that has been withdrawn from your checking or savings account.
4-Can I choose the day I want my monthly bill drafted from my bank account?
    No. The City will withdraw the amount from your Bank Institution by the date of the utility bill.
5-Once I have applied for the Automatic Monthly Payment to pay my City of Miami Beach Utility billing, how soon does it begin?
     Your automatic withdrawal will start within your next monthly utility bill.
6- What if I want to quit the Automatic Monthly Payment process?
      You just need to login to the ACH Online Application and click the “Discontinue this Payment Service” button and you will be discontinued from this payment service. Remember, there may be timing issue. You would need to discontinue before the due date to take effect on your next bill.
7-What if the funds are not in my bank account for withdrawal?
    The City will charge you a fee for insufficient fund.
8- How to get started?
     You are required to Register your Utility Account first. After you register use the same ID and Password to Login to the Automatic Utility Billing Bill Payment, complete the form and submitted it online . After applying online you will receive an email confirming your registration.   


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