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How to apply for a Garage Sale Permit

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Garage Sale Permit Guidelines

  -No business entity may conduct a garage sale located at a place of residence within the City.
  -No permit shall be issued to a business entity or to an applicant intending to sell property belonging to a business entity.
  -All property sold at a residence must be property owned by permittee and/or their families.
  -Merchandise to be sold shall be merchandise which has been previously used.
  -It shall be prohibited to sell new merchandise or merchandise that is sold in bulk as from a carton, crate, bushel or other container commonly used in retail business.
  -All merchandise to be sold shall be displayed in an enclosed room, enclosed garage or in a carport.
  -At no time shall merchandise be displayed on a private driveway, rear yard or portion of the front yard not to exceed twenty-five percent (25%) of the total front yard area.
  -All items displayed shall be removed from unenclosed areas by the end of the last day of the sale.
  -Signs advertising a sale should not be displayed until the day prior to the first day of the sale and shall be removed at the end of the last day of the sale.
  -No signs shall be displayed on any public property or right-of-way.
  -No more that two (2) signs advertising a garage sale shall be permitted at the sale location.
  -The total number of signs posted for any one sale shall not exceed two (2) and should not be larger than 12” x 18” each.
  -Garage sales shall be held only during daylight hours.
  -Each garage permit is valid for no more than two (2) consecutive days.
  -Permits if not picked up will be mailed by this division to the address of the sale.
  -Each permit must be displayed on the premises upon which the sale is held at all times while the sale is in progress.
  -Applications for a garage sale permit must be made at least one (1) day prior to the sale and no later than three (3) P.M.
  -No more that one (1) garage sale permit shall be issued to a location within a twelve (12) month period.
  -A permit fee of $20.00 must be submitted with the application.
  -If the resident at the location of the garage sale is not the owner of the property then a letter of authorization from the owner is required with the application.
  -Anyone violating the permit regulations or having a garage sale without a permit may be subject to fines up to $500.00 for each offense.

Business Entity: Shall mean an association, corporation, trust, religious, charitable public institution, estate, partnership, limited partnership, or joint stock association; but the condominium associations and cooperative apartment associations shall not be considered business entities for the purpose of this chapter.
Family: Shall mean person living together as a single housekeeping unit whose permanent address is the place of residence where a particular “garage sale” is held. Front Yard: Shall mean an open area extending the full width of the lot or lots which the residence is located between the main residence and the front property.
Multi-Family Residence Building: Shall mean a building occupied or intended to be occupied by two or more families living separately with separated cooking facilities in the unit; the term shall include “townhouse”, “duplex”, “triplex”, and “apartment building”.
Property Owner: Shall mean the person or entity having title to the real property location or the manager of said property when the property owner has authorized the manager to maintain and operate the property and has so informed the city’s code compliance division in writing. For condominium buildings the term “property owner” shall mean the condominium association.


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