ms_positioning="GridLayout"> Resort Tax Ret for the period of: .I. Late Filing Fee: J. Manual Filing Fee . Picture Online Guides User: Account: C3. Food / Non Alcoholic Bev. C2. Alcoholic Beverages C1. Room Rentals Description K. Total Due Line H (Cols C1,C2,C3), I & JL. Occupancy Rate (Hotels,Apts) / Number of Patrons/Guest Checks (Restaurants) H. Subtotal Due (D + E - F + G) G. Penalty and Interest F. 2% Collection Allowance (Max $100) D. Tax Collected (4% for C1; 2% for C2 & C3) C. Taxable Sales/Rentals (A-B) B. Exempt Sales/Rentals A. Gross Sales/Rentals Date to be paid: Return due date:
<October 2018>
. . . . . . . . . . . . .   Logo Please note that pursuant to a referendum vote of the electorate of the City of Miami Beach and per City Commission adoption, the Resort Tax rate for transient rentals shall increase to 4% from its current rate of 3%. The increase shall commence during the collection period of December 2015 and have a remittance due date of January 20, 2016. The additional 1% tax shall be used solely for the purposes of expanding, enlarging, renovating, and/or improving the Miami Beach Convention Center, including payment of debt service related to the project. Wishing you a successful and prosperous season. . . . E. Additional Tax Collected