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A complete application and site plan are required to process your request. A site plan may be drawn in any size format as long as the reviewing staff can clearly understand the placement of all fixtures.

Demonstrators have the constitutional right to assemble and speak in a peaceful and orderly manner. Demonstrations and pickets are those activities which are generally performed in public in support of or against a person, cause or activity. The Office of Film & Event Production Management will automatically notify the City’s Police Department of such request to ensure public safety measures are addressed. There may be instances where the nature of the demonstration and/or the number of demonstrators or picketers will require restrictions in order to protect the health, safety and welfare of every citizen by means of providing crowd control, traffic control and general security to the public.

When on the beach please be advised that applicants must abide by the State of Florida ’s Marine Turtle Protection Guidelines. Turtle Season extends from May 1 through October 31. Please Click here for a copy of the Conditions for Marine Turtle Protection Guidelines.


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